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Leadspyer.com makes it easier than ever for professionals to build new connections, prospects, and money. Our company was founded with the fundamental goal of "building great lives for great people," a mission that includes not just our fantastic staff but also our clients, partners, and supporters.

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What is LeadSpyer?

Arsh Kapoor and Harshit Tandon started Lead Spyer in 2023 with the vision of becoming the biggest crowdsourced data community for B2B salespeople, or a "Waze for salespeople." Via its straightforward, self-service tools, Lead Spyer provides reliable and accessible data to B2B salespeople of all company sizes. Thanks to Lead Spyer's prospecting platform, web extension, and API, sales professionals can locate, interact with, and close prospects. Almost 670,000 salespeople and 223,000 sales organisations already belong to LeadSpyer's network.